About Us

Steering Committee and Staff


Operating under the guidance of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the Western Native Trout Initiative is governed by a Steering Committee that represents 12 western states, 5 federal natural resource management agencies, tribes, and nonprofit fisheries conservation organizations.


Chair: Julie Meka Carter, Statewide Native Aquatics Program Manager, Arizona Game and Fish Department

Vice Chair: Jon SjöbergFisheries Division Chief, Nevada Department of Wildlife 

Drew Cushing, Aquatics Section ChiefUtah Division of Wildlife Resources

Tracy Smith, Habitat Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Kirk Patten, Assistant Chief of Fisheries, New Mexico Department of Fish and Game 

Jeff Dillon, State Fishery Manager, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Craig Burley, Fish Management Division ManagerWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Bruce McIntosh, Deputy Fish Division Administrator – Inland FisheriesOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Paul Dey, Program Manager Aquatic Habitat Section, Wyoming Game and Fish Department 

Melissa Dickard, Aquatic EcologistBureau of Land Management National Operations Center

Scott Spaulding, Regional Fisheries Program Leader, U.S. Forest Service 

Robert Clarke, Assistant Fisheries Program Manager, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Warren Colyer, Director Western Restoration ProgramTrout Unlimited

Ed Schriever, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies representative on National Fish Habitat Partnership Board

Therese Thompson, WNTI Project Coordinator



The following individuals were instrumental in the development of the Western Native Trout Initiative Strategic Plan, its early management and formal recognition as a Fish Habitat Partnership by the National Fish Habitat Board in 2007.  WNTI is appreciative of their foresight and contributions:                                               

Alaska - Christopher Estes    

Alaska - Roger Harding                                  

Arizona - Kirk Young                                       

Arizona - Julie Meka                                       

Arizona - Larry Riley                                      

California - Dave Lentz                                  

Idaho - Scott Grunder                                   

Idaho - Steve Yundt                                        

Montana - Chris Hunter                                

Montana - Travis Horton                              

Nevada - John Elliott                                    

New Mexico - Kirk Patten                             

New Mexico - David Propst                          

Oregon - Charlie Corrarino                           

Oregon - Steve Jacobs                                   

Utah - Roger Wilson                                      

Washington - James Uehara                        

Wyoming - Mike Stone                                  

Wyoming – Dirk Miller

Montana Water Center - Kristen Keith     

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe- Daniel Fairbank            

 US Fish and Wildlife R1 - Vicki Finn            

US Fish and Wildlife R2 - Jim Brooks         

US Fish and Wildlife R6 - Morgan Elmer   

US Fish and Wildlife R7/8 - Lisa Heki         

US BLM - Tom Mendenhall           

US BLM - Karl Stein         

US Forest Service R1 - Kate Walker           

US Forest Service R3 - Amy Unthank         

US Forest Service R4 - Dan Duffield           

US Forest Service R6 - David Heller           

US Forest Service R7 - Travis Coley           

US Forest Service WO - Davis Schmid       

USGS - Kitty Griswold      

USGS - Bob Gresswell     

US NRCS - Kathryn Boyer              

Trout Unlimited - Helen Neville   

NFWF - Krystyna Wolniakowski

ASA – Ross Tuckwiller


Our very special thanks to former WNTI Steering Committee Members:

Wyoming - Mike Stone (Chair)

Oregon - Charlie Corrarino (Chair)

Alaska - Christopher Estes            

Alaska - Roger Harding

Arizona - Larry Riley        

Idaho - Scott Grunder     

Montana - Chris Hunter 

Montana - Travis Horton              

Montana - Lee Nelson

Nevada - Rich Haskins    

New Mexico - Michael Sloan       

Utah - Roger Wilson

Washington - James Uehara        

BLM - Tom Mendenhall  

BLM - Tyler Abbott          

BLM - John Moore          

BLM - Jay Thompson      

US Forest Service - Dan Duffield

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Fisheries - Daniel Fairbank         


Administrative Support and Advisors:

Virgil Moore, WAFWA Administrator

Rich Haskins, WAFWA Administrator

Robin Knox , WNTI Project Coordinator (2006-2014)

Erica Stock, Director of Strategic Partnerships (2012-2013)

Christopher Estes, Advisor

Mike Stone, WAFWA representative to the NFHP Board