Patagonia World Trout® Initiative

Trout around the world are at the mercy of human impact. Overfishing and destruction of habitat due to logging, war and global warming are all contributing to threaten trout populations. Humans, though, may also be trout’s saviors.

The World Trout Initiative’s mission is simple: To identify the individuals and groups that protect native fish, to tell their story and to support their conservation efforts by placing money into the hands of the actual groups protecting the fish.

World Trout Initiative's funds for projects come from the sale of T-shirts designed by world-class artist and author James Prosek using artwork from his books Trout of North America and Trout of the World. Five dollars from the sale of each shirt goes to support grassroots activists working to protect trout species.

Since its inception in January, 2005 (through December 31, 2008), anglers have purchased 41,612 World Trout t-shirts and raised $208,060. World Trout has supported groups like: Penobscot River Restoration Project, Greenback Conservation & Restoration Programs of Colorado Trout Unlimited, Obirame Restoration Group, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Friends of Wild Salmon, Balkan Trout Restoration Group, Trout Unlimited Driftless Area, The Golden Project, Wild Steelhead Coalition and Montana River Action.

For more grant information, visit the World Trout Initiative information page at or click on the Patagonia logo in the bottom banner.